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Hey Ladies, Go subscribe to my YouTube channel (you can find the link at & there are three NEW Makeup lives waiting on you. (Running Errands & Saturday Glam, Date Night Glam, & Palette 5 & Stellar Lips) Go check it out 💁🏽✨ Don't forget to subscribe ! Kristen    

All Things Splash Liquid Lipstick ðŸ˜

All things SPLASH liquid lipstick. Here are some of our shades 😍😍😍 If you need some new, moisturizing, vibrant lipstick, these are for you💄💋 You want to hear the amazing part? You can also get your choice of Splash Liquid Lipstick, a Customizable Quad-Palette & an Epic Mascara with our March Kudos 🍀🍀 Oh, &…

Hi, I’m Getting Married. . .

Hey Ladies & Maybe Some Gentlemen, I don't know if I told y'all this, but I'm getting married!! Of course, a holiday wedding, because what a happier time, right? Also, I am continuing on my journey selling Younique: Let me know if any of y'all want to try anything! Just A Girl