Fall in Love with Life

Always be aware of your placement in life. Answer questions such as these constantly: Who do you call friend? Where do you call home? When do you feel most at peace? Why do you get up in the morning? What is your favorite Netflix series? These are random things, yes. I assure you, these things are temporary. Document your adventures, even if they include nothing but a joke given to you by an elderly man at Waffle House. Document who you love and who you’ve lost. When you laugh, admire the chance to be absolutely in love with life in that moment. Make an effort to stretch your knowledge and love for intelligence. Feed off of your experience and grow. Develop your own sparks for the life you live. Make your life special and take in the little things. They are the big things.

Just A Girl

Exams, Management, & Me Time

Hey guys!!

I know it has been a while, but my life has been a bit crazy. I got promoted to part-time manager at Rue 21 for the Holidays; so, for me that means more hours and a pay raise. For college, that means less hours spent studying and exams still creeping into this week. Moral of the story is, I realized I wasn’t spending enough time on me and taking a breather. So here is me trying to take some time for me and talk to you. My advice of the day is to make sure you take time for yourself. Treat yourself to a movie, a good book, or even just listen to music. You deserve it . . . Unless you don’t have a job and plan to live off your parents forever. In that case, this post is not for you, go look at some job ads. Anyways, let me know how you are doing in my Questions tab!! 

Sweet Dreams Friends,

Just A Girl

Pride Ruins Relationships

As much as we HATE to admit it, we are all wrong sometimes. The trouble comes when we are too stubborn to acknowledge it. I believe the number one thing, aside from lack of communication, that destroys relationships is PRIDE. Now this can be relationships with parents, friends, a significant other, ect. The most important thing to remember is you have to lose some battles to win the war. Sometimes arguing or defending yourself when you know you are wrong or being selfish ISN’T worth it. Say you’re sorry and move on. I mean, what do you benefit by fighting a losing battle where you both get hurt in the end? You don’t. These special relationships should be ones you are the most vulnerable in; if that means admitting your shortcomings, that should be a sacrifice you are willing to make. Don’t let pride take away someone special to you. Speaking from someone who has been on both sides of the spectrum, nobody wins when pride gets involved. You have the said winner, in all their prideful glory, left with a broken relationship and a crown of guilt, and one who is perceived to be defeated and has no idea what they did to deserve such treatment. No one wins. So hang it up. Be honest and real when it comes to your feelings and admit when you are wrong and when you have hurt another person; that is the only way you can make a relationship last. It doesn’t mean you have to give in, it means you have to be willing to talk without making it about winning. If winning an argument isn’t your goal, you won’t feel the need to hurt someone in the process of giving your point. Acknowledge when you are wrong, apologize when they are right, change hurtful behavior.

Some food for thought,

Just A Girl

Words of Wisdom & Advice

Hello Ladies & Some Gentlemen,

I would love to share some wisdom with you. Relationships, confidence, friends, jobs, you name it! I’ll do my best to share my advice with you. In addition to my life experiences, I am majoring in Psychology so I have a passion for these kinds of things! Just ask me! 

Just A Girl

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Today’s Society & Simple Things

Today’s Society,

First I would like to say hey, how are you? Do you even know how you are, or are you too concerned with how everyone else is doing? Social Media has made this the trend. No, people abusing Social Media have made this the trend. As soon as you start posting things like, “I’m going to delete people if they never like my posts” or “if I don’t get ___ amount of likes I’m going to delete that picture,” YOU SHOULD DELETE EVERYTHING. Social Media should be a way to connect with people and share your life virtually, not to measure your self worth based on how many people double tapped your post! Please, STOP. Everyone, obviously referring to the general public, is SO glued to their devices and media, that they can’t even find time to do the SIMPLE, most REWARDING activities. Like, I don’t know, listen to your grandparents tell you stories, volunteer at a charity event, say hello and introduce yourself to someone new? Enjoy the little things in life because they ARE happiness: smiles and laughs, tears and frowns, hugs and kisses, late night talks and midnight walks. That is happiness. Building memories, not followers. Building meaningful relationships, not irrelevant updates. Connect with people. And lay a legacy you want left behind. To the girl who seeks attention on Instagram, you are beautiful and you don’t need the acceptance of acquaintances. To the couple who airs out problems on Facebook, stop, stop destroying your relationship by getting others involved and TALK to each other. To the guy who tweeted about going to the grocery store, thank you so much for enhancing my day by telling about your trip to get chicken tenders, but stop. Stop posting, and start noticing. Don’t let life pass you by.

Thank you for tolerating my rant,

Just A Girl

As I Sit In This Class . . .

As I sit in this class,

I ponder everything.

He reaches for a deeper level of understanding.

Specks on strawberries become people.

Leaves represent paper and ideas formed.

Words jump off pages and paint a picture of disguised genius.

Thoughts float around the room like heavy clouds of opinion.

He raises the question of self,

and self definition.

What is self?

Who are we?

Are we only what we want people to see?

Do we create our image,

despite failure to actually discover ourselves?

Words not explored are just letters pieced together by a mindless being.

He says, “If words are not read,

they do not exist.”

Is that true?

If that is true,

and we do not explore our identity,

does it not exist?

Words, letters, art.

These things connect people.

Even one distanced from literature like myself,

reaps the benefits of the phenomenon of speech,

an unappreciated luxury.

Words, letters, art.

These expressions strive to express ideas unable to be expressed.

As I sit in this class,

I ponder my everything.


Just A Girl