Hey Y’all!

I am a passionate Nanny, busy college student, proud makeup entrepreneur, and loving wife to my wonderful husband; oh and a proud and devoted dog mom, of course.   I am working towards a bachelor’s degree in psychology, while also working with a busy tiny human! I love makeup, fashion, & all around beauty. I am a Christian Girl who believes in sharing kindness and bringing confidence to women who do not always remember how much beauty they were created to with; YOU are Fearfully & Wonderfully Made.

I cherish my husband, pup, family, & friends. They are amazing.

My husband and I married in December of 2017 (yas it was like Christmas). He is a firefighter/college student/ helicopter pilot. Yes, I am a very lucky girl. Fast forward to 2019, we are still hustling & closer than ever. He’s my best friend.

My life is chaotic & crazy, but my heart is full. Here, I do makeup. I share my life & thoughts. Continue on my site to get the full scoop 🙂


Kristen Kimsey