As soon as my husband & I spoke about engagement, it was as if we told everyone we had a rare disease, and we had the cure but decided not to take.

“Marriage? Now?”

If you have gone through this, you understand the repetitious, tedious response given to all of the “but you’re so young” or “how old are you” or “why now”.

What you need to know if you are about to take on this adventure (or if you can relate):

1: Be confident & know this is right for you. When my husband & I decided we wanted to get married, SEVERAL people tried to give us other options & solutions. People tried to tear us down & turn us against each other. We dealt with insults & fierce drama. People constantly questioned us. But . . . It brought us closer together because we were confident in us. Those obstacles were just a small burden compared to the abundant life we saw for one another. To avoid being bogged down and to find yourself prepared in these situations, you have to be confident & know this is right for you.

2: Make sure you have a plan. There is nothing wrong with a whirlwind romance, but some reality has to play a part. My husband & I, although in school, both had full-time stable jobs by the time we got married. When people tried to give us reasons not to get hitched (like finances) we had a plan to be adults & to support each other. Love makes a marriage, but not the bills. Make sure you have a plan for your lives together. Trust me, it helps.

3: Expect things not to go exactly how you planned. Life is not always rainbows & butterflies. Life happens. Expect for everything not to be easy & perfect. Before & after you are married. That’s all I have to say about that.

4: Find someone who will not just support your decision, but give guidance to you & your partner. For my husband & I, it happened to be my parents. They were surprised at first, but they knew I was serious & figured they should guide me versus acting like it wasn’t happening. Find an elder that will give you the real scoop & has your best interest at heart. I am forever grateful that we had this through it all.

5: Do not let it get to you. If this is what you & your partner want, do not let stress, drama, or whatever it may be get you down. Become stronger & rise above the hate. It only lasts a season.

Getting married young is easier said than done. But one day, fifty years from now, I will get to say my husband & I grew up together. We have been through it all, and intend to keep it that way.

Mrs. Kimsey

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