Here is a little glow up for you guys. The picture on the left was taken last year. The picture on the right was taken last week. My skin was not only broken out in the picture on the left, but I had little bumps that were always peeling & looked gross. The foundations I was using would clog my pores & did nothing for my skin. After a year of using Younique, my skin still breaks out, but it feels healthy & it looks healthy. These light weight face products are amazing & they literally leave my skin glowing.

Even my husband said that he can tell a difference in my skin from when we started dating (and he said that it was always peeling which I didn’t like hearing) which tells me it’s noticeable. Makeup should make you feel good. These products are like photo-shop in a bottle! They have made a such difference in my skin.

If nothing else, you need to try our face products (our foundation, real talk).


You need this makeup girl,

Just saying,


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