You may be asking yourselves, WHAT THE HECK! Why even bring up politics if you aren’t going to tell us where your support is held, right? Wrong. The reason I would not tell you is because people tend to label based solely on the answer to that question. For this reason, I refuse to be victimized by the harsh stereotypes that resulted from the past election.

I had the privilege of having a “conversation” with a fellow employee of mine. His views tend to be the direct opposite of mine and he did everything but call me a fool and walk out. After he cooled down, I came up to him and said:

” I hate politics. So much divide occurs because of peoples differing political views. Despite who I voted for, I want you to know I do not think you are stupid or unjustified in having opinions. Instead of being labeled as someone because of who I voted for, I want to focus on love.” 

He proceeded to ask me how we can love when there is so much hate.

My answer is simple. Another human’s hate is not a cop out or excuse. You can not expect one to love if you do not do the same as well. Love is not something that you should be made to do, but you should have the mind set that you will do it because you will be the one who makes a difference.

Make it a point to try and understand people’s point of view. The most humbling and admirable quality of a human is being able to empathize and put yourself in each other’s shoes.

My topic tells you I will not tell you who I voted for; this still applies true for which candidate. I vote for love. I vote kindness. I vote the triumph of ignorance.

Just A Girl



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