Dear Just a Girl,

I am writing this because I need your advice. I have been bullied a lot in the last year and I am not sure how to handle/overcome the situation anymore. These girls constantly tell me how horrible I am at everything and how ugly I am. I am starting to believe them . . . Can you help?



Dear Star,

I can certainly try to give you some advice on the issue. First off, your name is pretty awesome. Second off, those girls are insecure. Let me let you in on a small secret, Star. People who do not feel whole themselves try to tear others down. If anyone should feel down and depressed, it should be them. They are the ones bullying others to feel superior. You need to do three important things.

  1. Believe in yourself and know you are worth it. You have to believe in your strengths and know for yourself that you are worth it. The biggest defeat is when you defeat yourself by not knowing your worth. You are worth it. Every woman or girl is worth it. But you are only as worth it as you see yourself being.
  2. Don’t let others define you. One day, these girls will not even exist in the life you have built for yourself. Understand in your mind that these girls are temporary, how you are feeling is temporary. Do not let these girls define how you see yourself.
  3. You are unique. A lot of times, people get intimidated by someone being “different.” This is mostly because people who are not a copyright seem to draw more attention. Be you, Star. Do not let these girls make you feel like being unique is a bad thing.

I hope this helped, Star!

Just A Girl





P.S. If you are struggling with an issue, contact me on my website. If you feel uncomfortable with your name being out there, make up a super cool cover! I look forward to helping.


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