Do you ever wonder why, these days, it is so ridiculously hard to trust anyone. There are numerous reasons, but I am going to give you three.

One: People’s “don’t care” attitude. This attitude has spread like wildfire.This lie we tell:  “You have to look out for yourself first, because no one else will.” Who has heard this? This is completely ridiculous. Think about it. If everyone is worrying about themselves instead of others, it creates a viscous cycle of which we cannot escape. If you are too busy worrying about just you, no matter what the cost, you have quickly become the reason you were scared to trust in the first place. This attitude is destroying the togetherness and bond we should have as people. Care for others, before yourself.

Two: People are as fake. There are literally SO many people out there who are only pleased when someone has fallen into their scheme. They are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Yes, these people have great personalities. BUT they are the quickest to change personalities when someone new walks in. If you have thirty-seven different personalities, you my friend, are one of the reasons why we can’t trust people. It is so hard to determine who is actually a friend these days.

Three: We are all human. This means that we all fall short of perfection. So, depending on someone to be perfect results in disappointment, which leads to distrust. This is a big reason we end up having trust issues.When you expect a lot from someone, you are bound to feel betrayed if they do not follow through.

BONUS: We are all hurt people. It is so hard to trust, because people have stopped loving one another. People have stopped putting every ounce of their being into making someone else happy.

Why do you find it so hard to trust?

Just A Girl

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