As I sit in this class,

I ponder everything.

He reaches for a deeper level of understanding.

Specks on strawberries become people.

Leaves represent paper and ideas formed.

Words jump off pages and paint a picture of disguised genius.

Thoughts float around the room like heavy clouds of opinion.

He raises the question of self,

and self definition.

What is self?

Who are we?

Are we only what we want people to see?

Do we create our image,

despite failure to actually discover ourselves?

Words not explored are just letters pieced together by a mindless being.

He says, “If words are not read,

they do not exist.”

Is that true?

If that is true,

and we do not explore our identity,

does it not exist?

Words, letters, art.

These things connect people.

Even one distanced from literature like myself,

reaps the benefits of the phenomenon of speech,

an unappreciated luxury.

Words, letters, art.

These expressions strive to express ideas unable to be expressed.

As I sit in this class,

I ponder my everything.


Just A Girl


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