Hello Ladies,

So! Who here just loves to exercise? COOL, not me. Despite this, I recognize the need for fitness in my life. Well, I recognized it AFTER I had to sign up for a walking class this semester. . . Conveniently for me, I had the opportunity to register for this class online. I purchased my fancy smancy vivofit off of amazon and prepared myself to get fit. Now onto week 2, we start, you know, exercising. The first physical activity that we have been assigned is a pretest measuring 1.5 miles of walking/running. How fast can you go basically. She made sure to tell us our time was not graded, which was a relief. Well, I decided to take a crack at it this afternoon with my trusty dog, Copper. Unfortunately for me, I will be repeating the test another day because apparently Copper is more out of shape than me . . .After getting out of his collar three times and stopping to smell every rose, he plopped down at one mile calling it a quits. Here I thought he would be my motivation. Just thought my misfortune could brighten a day or two. Please comment your fitness advice or any comments you may have.

Stay Beautiful,

Just A Girl

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