Okay ladies, how many times have you been asked why you’re upset and your automatic response is something with the word “FINE” in it? Even the boy brain population has broke this secret code word. While we think we are justified on throwing this word out, it is really just ruining a relationship’s sense of communication. I’m not saying you aren’t right to get upset or even that you can’t throw the word out every once an a while. I’m saying if that is always your response, NOTHING will ever get solved! How does that saying go? Something about girls are spaghetti . . . guys are waffles? The majority of guys are SIMPLE minded. They don’t over analyze or dramatically stare out windows and ponder their life. When they look so deep in thought and you inquire about what is filling their mind, and they say nothing, it is probably the TRUTH. As a women, this idea is mind blowing, considering we ALWAYS have something on our mind. The point is, guys usually don’t understand or know why we are mad. And it is SO FRUSTRATING, I know! But let’s try something here ladies, let’s assume our men have no clue about how our mind works, and give them the benefit of the doubt. Even if you have to yell about your frustration to let out some steam, DO IT. Trust me, communicating with a clueless mate is way better then letting anger fester.

Stay Beautiful

Just A Girl

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