I say this to all the girls out there who grew up thinking Prince Charming was going to pop up one day and sweep them off their feet. Don’t get me wrong, romance and love are two very real things, but if you wait around thinking Prince Charming exists, you will never be content. This expectation of a perfect man is unreal and unfair. I say this as someone whose favorite movie is still A Cinderella Story, yes with Chad Michael Murray. To let go of this fictitious image does NOT mean to settle. It means to STOP expecting men to be, well, perfect. I mean, ladies, how many of us resemble a fairy tale princess to the point where we have the right to demand perfection? I don’t remember Cinderella having vicious mood swings, taking hours to get ready, or crying every time the Notebook plays. Let’s be honest, we are a hand full, and men can hardly keep up as it is. I say all of this because it is time for us to start writing our own love story. It is time for us to prepare ourselves into the young women that deserve a prince. We need to focus on becoming someone who CAN demand perfection, because we are as close as it gets. Every girl’s prince is out there, but if we don’t prepare ourselves and stop expecting perfection, we might miss out on our happy little love story.

Just A Girl

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