It is no secret that most of us would rather stay in our comfy bed all day than deal with the outside world. I know if I could manage to land a career watching Netflix, I WOULD. But unfortunately, most of us working girls don’t get that opportunity. SO, I decided to share my daily wake up routine. I start with an alarm set the night before. Well, more like five preset alarms, one every five minutes. Once I hit my snooze capacity, the lovely alarm makes its final attempt; I raise out of bed, tripping over EVERYTHING. I manage to arrive at my beauty desk and grab my infamous beauty blender. After this, I stroll upstairs to wash my face and dampen my beauty sponge. This is where I start to really drag. As I wait for my witch hazel, acne medicine, and lotion to sink in to my skin, I pull out my phone. BIG MISTAKE. Before I know it I’ve engaged in a variety of YouTube videos and articles. At this point, I’ll be lucky to even make it out the door on time. So I grab some make up, throw it on my face, and pick out my clothes. Lastly, I run upstairs, fix some coffee and I’m out the door. WRONG. Usually I go back in the house a couple times before I ACTUALLY leave. I figured laying out my morning routine would accomplish at least one of these things: demonstrate what not to do, make you feel better about your routine, or show you you’re not the only one.

Stay Beautiful Ladies,

Just A Girl

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