Ladies! The first step to having confidence is to STOP comparing yourself! Do you know why you can never be like those “perfect” models in the magazines? Let’s be real, SHE is not real. Her skin is tanned, her body sculpted, and her features are misleadingly enhanced, if you know what I mean. As soon as the need to compete with this unreal image is overcome, acceptance is near. You are beautiful and unique! Think about it . . . how many times have you looked at a girl and wished for a piece of their beauty? Too many times? YOU are the only you. The only one with your hair, your smile, your eyes, your style, your humor. . . You are made special from day one. Accept the unfortunate fact that the world spits out fiction. The media tries to turn beautiful girls into digital impostors. Look at the mirror and love yourself. Just remember, anyone who is willing to tell you otherwise is just suffocating from their own insecurities.

Stay Beautiful,

Just a Girl

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