5 Ways I Have Been Saving MONEY!

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5 Ways I Have Been Saving Money!

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The TRUTH About Retail. . .

DISCLAIMER: This might not be for all companies; this is all my PERSONAL experience and I am not intending to be the voice of all retail employees.

Now that that is out of the way, I wanted to share a list of things I consider to be the TRUTH about retail . . . basically the things they don’t want you to know or you don’t notice.

  1. Customers are RUDE and entitled. No, not ALL customers are horrible humans. But . . . a good number of customers think employees should get down on their knees and serve when they walk in the door. At my store, we do not get paid commission OR receive tips, so this is not a job that depends on service. That means I am responsible for nothing but opening dressing rooms, cashing you out, and smiling as you walk out the door. This means I am NOT your personal shopper, maid, OR punching bag. I say this to say . . . the rule of respect and treating people applies at clothing stores too.
  2. I don’t get paid enough. That whole thing about no commission or tips…. accurate. I have been yelled/cussed at. I have found human waste in dressing room (which I had to clean). I have been snapped, clapped, and popped at. I have been the victim of holiday shifts and Black Friday sales. I could go on, but I rested my case.
  3. I just cleaned that two minutes ago. Yes, the table you are preceding to attack was just folded two minutes ago. Do not say you’re sorry for messing it up, just do not mess it up. We have a display so you do not have to touch EVERY shirt on the table. And yes, I will glare at you as my heart breaks until you exit the store.
  4. If we close at nine, do not come in at eight fifty-five. If you do this and destroy my hard cleaning effort. I hate you. Enough said.
  5. We are probably talking about you. SO if you think we are, we probably are.
  6. No, the dressing room is not broken. Yes, we do have to open the door for you. No, you cannot get in by yourself. Common sense.
  7. Yes, I have explained the price points of the clearance to you, and yes, we have signs EVERYWHERE. And yes, I will stop what I am doing and check the price.
  8. Hello, high school drama. Retail feeds off of petty drama ALL the time.
  9. No one in corporate cares about you or what you have to say.

To be continued. . .

DISCLAIMER: I am NOT telling you who I voted for . . .

You may be asking yourselves, WHAT THE HECK! Why even bring up politics if you aren’t going to tell us where your support is held, right? Wrong. The reason I would not tell you is because people tend to label based solely on the answer to that question. For this reason, I refuse to be victimized by the harsh stereotypes that resulted from the past election.

I had the privilege of having a “conversation” with a fellow employee of mine. His views tend to be the direct opposite of mine and he did everything but call me a fool and walk out. After he cooled down, I came up to him and said:

” I hate politics. So much divide occurs because of peoples differing political views. Despite who I voted for, I want you to know I do not think you are stupid or unjustified in having opinions. Instead of being labeled as someone because of who I voted for, I want to focus on love.” 

He proceeded to ask me how we can love when there is so much hate.

My answer is simple. Another human’s hate is not a cop out or excuse. You can not expect one to love if you do not do the same as well. Love is not something that you should be made to do, but you should have the mind set that you will do it because you will be the one who makes a difference.

Make it a point to try and understand people’s point of view. The most humbling and admirable quality of a human is being able to empathize and put yourself in each other’s shoes.

My topic tells you I will not tell you who I voted for; this still applies true for which candidate. I vote for love. I vote kindness. I vote the triumph of ignorance.

Just A Girl



Dear Star

Dear Just a Girl,

I am writing this because I need your advice. I have been bullied a lot in the last year and I am not sure how to handle/overcome the situation anymore. These girls constantly tell me how horrible I am at everything and how ugly I am. I am starting to believe them . . . Can you help?



Dear Star,

I can certainly try to give you some advice on the issue. First off, your name is pretty awesome. Second off, those girls are insecure. Let me let you in on a small secret, Star. People who do not feel whole themselves try to tear others down. If anyone should feel down and depressed, it should be them. They are the ones bullying others to feel superior. You need to do three important things.

  1. Believe in yourself and know you are worth it. You have to believe in your strengths and know for yourself that you are worth it. The biggest defeat is when you defeat yourself by not knowing your worth. You are worth it. Every woman or girl is worth it. But you are only as worth it as you see yourself being.
  2. Don’t let others define you. One day, these girls will not even exist in the life you have built for yourself. Understand in your mind that these girls are temporary, how you are feeling is temporary. Do not let these girls define how you see yourself.
  3. You are unique. A lot of times, people get intimidated by someone being “different.” This is mostly because people who are not a copyright seem to draw more attention. Be you, Star. Do not let these girls make you feel like being unique is a bad thing.

I hope this helped, Star!

Just A Girl





P.S. If you are struggling with an issue, contact me on my website. If you feel uncomfortable with your name being out there, make up a super cool cover! I look forward to helping.

Why It Is SO Hard To Trust People

Do you ever wonder why, these days, it is so ridiculously hard to trust anyone. There are numerous reasons, but I am going to give you three.

One: People’s “don’t care” attitude. This attitude has spread like wildfire.This lie we tell:  “You have to look out for yourself first, because no one else will.” Who has heard this? This is completely ridiculous. Think about it. If everyone is worrying about themselves instead of others, it creates a viscous cycle of which we cannot escape. If you are too busy worrying about just you, no matter what the cost, you have quickly become the reason you were scared to trust in the first place. This attitude is destroying the togetherness and bond we should have as people. Care for others, before yourself.

Two: People are as fake. There are literally SO many people out there who are only pleased when someone has fallen into their scheme. They are wolves dressed in sheep’s clothing. Yes, these people have great personalities. BUT they are the quickest to change personalities when someone new walks in. If you have thirty-seven different personalities, you my friend, are one of the reasons why we can’t trust people. It is so hard to determine who is actually a friend these days.

Three: We are all human. This means that we all fall short of perfection. So, depending on someone to be perfect results in disappointment, which leads to distrust. This is a big reason we end up having trust issues.When you expect a lot from someone, you are bound to feel betrayed if they do not follow through.

BONUS: We are all hurt people. It is so hard to trust, because people have stopped loving one another. People have stopped putting every ounce of their being into making someone else happy.

Why do you find it so hard to trust?

Just A Girl

When Makeup Becomes your Career. . .

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Have a good night ❤

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Hi, I’m Getting Married. . .

Hey Ladies & Maybe Some Gentlemen,

I don’t know if I told y’all this, but I’m getting married!! Of course, a holiday wedding, because what a happier time, right?

Also, I am continuing on my journey selling Younique: https://www.youniqueproducts.com/kristenbstanley/

Let me know if any of y’all want to try anything!

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Love Yourself

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. SCRATCH THAT. Never listen to anyone telling you you’re not good enough. You can’t control what others say. You have to find confidence within yourself. You have to be proud of yourself and what you accomplish. People won’t always tell you how proud they are of you or how awesome you are. This might be because they are oblivious, petty, insecure, jealous, or just down right hateful; there are so many different variables. The point is, you have to learn how to be content on your own; this is a result of your happiness with yourself. So, to the girl who’s waiting on a guy to tell you you’re pretty, tell yourself. To the boy waiting on his father to show up and be a father, be your own role model. For the child who is still begging for your parents’ approval, be proud of yourself, by yourself. To anyone anywhere who is struggling with approval and insecurity, stop waiting on someone else to approve of you. YOU WILL NEVER FIND WHAT YOU’RE LOOKING FOR.You have to be fulfilled because you love yourself. Love yourself.

Just A Girl